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November 7, 2010
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Red Vix?

Tyler Benson arrived at 6pm to his apartment building, exhausted from yet another long day at work. While 24 is not too old, that wasn't to say he often found the job tiring. Opening the door to his empty apartment, He practically threw his briefcase on the couch as he opened the door and headed to his room without a care as to where it may have landed. As usual, thinking about how he was doing in the company he was working in, CirMor. It specialized in software development, ranging from organization programs to smart systems which used from advanced genetic algorithms to neural nets.

As he kicked his shoes, wishing Friday's were casual as he got on his normal home clothes, discarding the suit and shirt in favor of a more homey attire. Working as a salesman in CirMor really wasn't as interesting as he thought in the first place. Now he was utterly bored of the place, the protocols were exaggerated and tedious as his co-workers were really apathetic to even offer a helping hand to the new guy. He walked back to the living room and took out his laptop. Sitting down and opening it while lying back in a more comfortable position and starting his Fridays evenings. As with normal people, were the most awaited moments of the week. Mostly because he could actually take a break from his absorbing job.

"Got to start looking for another job sooner than later" Tyler muttered as he checked his mail. The pay was good, that's the only reason he stayed really, no matter how horrible the work area is. He was commonly avoided and ignored by his co-workers. He was being so overloaded with responsibilities that made even the pay not worth it. Even more, his boss, Rob Genthis, seemed to have pleasure in exploding and abusing of Tyler's work time. With a frustrated sigh he glanced at his check his inbox: three new mails. One was promotional garbage from E-bay

Sir, know that by the moderate price of 9,99$ you can certainly enjoy more of the services that E-bay has to offer…. He clicked the delete message.

The second message was from an old friend from the school. Her name is Rachel Skye, a cute black haired beauty from the last time he recalled. In his memories she had nice hazelnut color eyes that took his breath away. Last time he saw her, he was bidding her farewell...always regretting never daring to go past being just friends. Sighing he read the message:

Hi, Ty, It's me Rachel, remember me? Haha of course you do. How are you doing? I missed you all my time here in Italy, I've been looking forward for my vacations to travel back home for Christmas. Maybe we can chat on later. my plane is coming on Saturday afternoon, around 1pm there, so we can get in contact.  

Tyler smiled at the news as well as the message, he knew of Rach's eagerness on some things, and was one of the details he liked of her. He smiled and opened the airport's schedule. Of course he was gonna greet her there, give her a surprise on the arrivals section. After a quick inspection he opened the last mail. It was from his friend, Matthew, one of his co-workers and a bit of a crazy fellow, liked to talk and was likely to be the first person one could ask about films and comics. He could always count on him to find entertaining videos or in investigating stuff that either he was interested in or would keep him busy. Of course, he did that during his free time and somehow he always managed to avoid getting caught red handed by the boss since, of course, that was against the workplace's policy. Anyway, reading the message…

Yo Ty, guess you're having a bad day judging by how you were at work. Look what I found here? Check it out, I'm sure it'll keep you entertained for a while… Story, plot, good art and exotic women, that sort of types you told me you look for ;p

Tyler blinked, it was a bit odd on how short the message, a tad unusual for him to be brief.  But upon checking the time, it was sent from inside the CirMor building. He shrugged, the company didn't approve the use of the building's computers for 'personal entertainment' so that could explain the length of the message.

He gave a click to the link attached. The icon took a second to react and a loading icon appearedThe load was quick as the screen flashed twice, oddly brighter than the computer was capable of. For a second he thought he opened up some sort of virus. As a firefox window popped up Tyler was opening up the antivirus and spyware scanner.

By the time the scan was done, the issue was over and the computer appeared to be clean of any sort of Malwares or spywares. Skeptically he shrugged and looked at the window that had opened. It was a comic that depicted a futuristic setting, probably some sort of space base. But what lured his attention were the characters and people in it. They were, how would a person put it… they were foxes, vixens, standing on 2 legs wearing military uniforms as well as weapons that made star wars to look dated… not that it was hard. Anyway, to Tyler, this was some sort of furry comic… not that he could complain as the girls had their cute allure, even thought this wasn't what he meant when saying 'exotic'… and since he was alone and had time to spend he started watching the plot as well as the first chapter.

About one hour or two later he finished skimming the comic. Since it was relatively new, it was only 2 chapters long. Tyler wasn't into furry girls but the girls were cute with the ears and tail as well as sexy in figure, and the fact that all the soldiers were vixens made him wonder… as well as leer, additionally plot was interesting enough to keep him intrigued.

The story was the following. These vixens arrived on earth from space and started wreaking havoc. Their weapons were superior, cluster grenades that turned walls and tanks into rubble as their guns shot beams that practically pierced through flesh. A force to be reckoned and the art depicted the scenes pretty nicely. Anyway, so far they caught the earthlings by surprise as they attacked main centers, airports, energy plants governmentally relevant places and communication hubs. The humans didn't stand a chance during these quick yet effective strikes. They were just hit-and-go attacks, making sure that the infrastructure was damaged and that the message was delivered: "they are back".

The most recent pages about dealing with a struggler. The trapped human taunted the vixen's squad leader by insulting them. A grin appeared on her muzzle as she pulled a gun from her holster, then saying "maybe this will put things in perspective."  After shooting him he appeared to be enveloped by a green light, in contrast to the piercing nature of the lasers. And that's where the comic caught up to date, the latest page showed, something weird, another vixen was in the human's place wearing his clothes. The weird part is that the straggler was a male and he was now a vixen hearing and obeying orders from his… her shooter.

Tyler smiled "nice comic, Matthew, I gotta hand it to you" leaving aside the last pages which were a tad too weird for him. Glancing at the clock on his laptop "10:30pm… woah, time flies" he muttered adding the page to his favorites and closing his computer he stretched. To his luck tomorrow was Saturday, that meant relaxation as well as a moment to meet Rachel again.


Tyler sighed looking at his watch, it was 1:12 pm. There he was in the airport waiting for a friend to come out of it. The area was crowded with a tall and long glass window facing the airplanes. The place was a bit crowded as people went to and from minding their business. Taking a seat on a nearby bench he waited as Rachel's flight seemed to arrive, thinking on the things to be done as well as the things to talk about. He was so glad to see her again. Ty stood up looking through the window as the plane taxed it's way to the bridge ready to unload the passengers "I wonder if' i'll be able to recognize her. Heck, I wonder If she'll even remember me… Maybe she already has somebody waiting for her in Italy. Nah, think positive." he thought and reassured himself. Occasionally he would glance over at the TV of the airport, as the waiting time grew longer and longer, taking notice of the news channel talking some fire, some loss of communications or some sort of wave or sonic disruption. The waiting was boring… until something caught his attention as he started hearing comments from the people near him.

"What's that?" "have you seen anything like it?" "Aliens!" His first thought was 'Aliens? That's crazy."
Lifting his gaze after listening to the comments, Ty stood with his mouth hanging in shock as he saw what seemed to be several small ships hovering above, not flying saucers but more realistic looking as well with military characteristics such as mounted guns. More like the type only a sci fi fan would identify. "What the..."  muttered Tyler before looking down as Rachel's plane was already connected to the arrival's bridge and the passengers were hastily making their way to the waiting zone while his sight moved over to the crowd to identify his friend, until, couple of shakes brought him back to reality and more pressing matter "What...?" He gasped alarmed while looking as red flashes came down to earth, destroying some of the airplanes in loud and red explosion in the background that shook the earth. People stared in awe at the event.

People started to panic as they started to become uneasy and world blurred around Ty as everyone started moving, most started running towards the main airport exit. Some kept watching as they could make out some midsized figures, in comparison to the other ships, descending from the sky. Tyler only catch a glimpse of this before a bright flash came from it hitting near the windows shattering them into pieces that flew inwards hurting people while knocking them back. Tyler managed to jump back covering his face as that happened, ending unharmed. "What the hell is going on?!" he asked and thought alarmed.

He looked at the plane back and forth "We have to get out of here!" he yelled with a new found courage probably because of the adrenaline. Just then, someone called his attention "Ty! Ty!" it was a feminine voice that rang a bell in his memories. And the moment he turned around he felt 2 arms wrap around him in a tight hug.

"R-Rachel?" asked looking down at the woman with him. Lifting her face off his chest, it was her, just like he remembered, her brown eyes adorning that pretty face of hers as her black hair cascaded down over her shoulders. Unfortunately wasn't calling for admiration. "W-we have to get out, Rach" he spoke after what was a second of contemplation.

She gave a small nod. Her shaky movement showed she was scared as was he. Her arms shuddered and she pressed closer to calm herself down, she was sweating and her face sported a couple of small cuts from the window burst. I squeezed her for a second to calm her down whispering that everything was gonna be ok and held her hand as he led her towards the exit.

Ty followed the crowd till reaching the main wall and doors that were the exit, which by this time the attacks had reduced it to a pile of pulverized crystal. Squeezing Rachel's hand he kept his distance from the rest of the people along with other stragglers, and kept eyes peeled at the exit of the building as flashes of beams and explosions, followed by deafening electric sounds stunned people lightly. His mind couldn't process this was really happening, even less accept what he saw. Moving closer he could see several rows of… of vixens???… Like in the comic he was shown the day before. They were standing on their hind legs, wearing a skin tight suit with a sleeveless suit giving the quite a nice look as well as an athletic look. Their outfits were designed with a black and blue pattern, quite hard to tell anymore details from the distance. All of them holding weapons and ready to shoot "This can't be happening…" he muttered taking a step closer to look.


Th vixens move aside to allow another one through. This one had a special suit with armor-like platings, adorned with badges that sparkled under the sun. She sported an assault rifle, technologically more advanced in appearance at first glance, as well as a normal-sized secondary gun carried in a holster by her hips. A special visor scanner was suspended above her right eye that none of the others had. The rest of the squads and vixens saluted her as she walked in front of the human mob, which was now circled. "The empire says 'Sit!'" she yelled, practically barked raising her assault rifle and shooting the sky. The crowd's reaction was to lay low on the ground so as to keep away from the weapons. This also helped in making it easier for the invaders to keep them under control.

Ty kept distance from inside the building remaining as far as he could from the invaders. He could have ran back deeper into the airport but he wanted to keep looking. So far they haven't been noticed them. The people in the crowd muttered lightly in discomfort (more likely planning on how to escape), it was then when a man from the crowd lifted a handgun aiming at the vixen not losing time to shoot. It was a security guard, possibly thinking that by taking the apparent leader everything would work in their favor. As soon as he took a shot, another one was fired in immediate retaliation and it pierced through the man's chest as he missed to hit. The man yelled in pain as he fell back into the crowd as second later, people gasped and screamed from the shook. The screams started to cease until they stopped. The leader vixen had managed to avoid the bullet and remained with a stern and cold.

'This is bad… really bad.' He muttered as there was a couple of blasts and noise up in the sky as the booming sounds of jets were heard. The vixens reacted at the noises and the leader started ordering to the other vixens in sort of an alien language, even though she spoke in English not long ago. The invaders retreated back to their ships, probably to provide further air support, leaving the huge crowd control task with fewer personnel, barely 9, not counting the main one.

"It'll be good to take another road" Rachel proposed tugging Ty's arm.

Tyler nodded and about to leave with the other stragglers when the leader barked "I welcome you to your first mission" she announced with a malicious grin as she took out the smaller gun out of her holster. Tyler couldn't help but notice the similarities between this and the comic, it was such that he wishing with all his might to wake up from this, and view it as an induced nightmare, but no matter how hard he pinched he couldn't… was this really happening?

"And I'll start with you" she aimed her gun towards a spot in the crowd, where the security guard laid, probably about to die from the wounds to his stomach. The scene sort of made Ty recall the latest page of the comic and made him wonder if the same thing was gonna happen as in the story.  The leader shot the wounded human causing him to let out a loud groan. People started gasping as his voice started sounding more and more feminine. Several people in the crowd made sounds of amazement and fright, several of them actually screamed in fright and tried to run away, regardless of the armed guards. And those who got out of the group received a hit from the butt of a rifle and a shove back. The stirring in the crowd would escalate until panic set in.

"No… no… this can't be happening" Ty muttered as the leader was starting to shoot people in the crowd as 2 of the guarding vixens helped the former guard, now with orange fur, muzzle and… breasts rose up in a slowly manner to have people stare in fear to what they were capable of. A weapon was passed on to the new vixen and the order to stand guard. And just as the words came out of the leader she stiffened keeping an eye on the guards as if she hadn't been one of them just before. To Tyler, this was impossible. This had to be a dream. More and more vixens started to rise from the crowd, the people moved away leaving a radius around the new addition out of fear, all wearing civilian clothes. It wasn't long before the number of Vixens had started to double in number, all armed and obedient.

"Ty, we have to get out" pressed Rachel pulling from his hand and bringing him back to reality. Ty took a couple of steps "Let's go" he muttered to her and the other humans that were lucky to be late enough to skip being in the mob. The subtle sound of their retreat got to the ears of the nearest vixen, who alerted the leader. She narrowed her eyes looking at the humans run away. To her this seemed as a challenge, a hunting challenge. Gathering her troops she prepared and set off after her prey.

"Shit, run!" He yelled the others and as a result, everybody sprinted back into the inner zone of the airport.


Ty and a group of runners managed to find refugees in a backroom of a fast-food chain.  After the fast retreat the group split up in several factions as they ran towards different places. Some got trapped by the newly transformed and either taken to the rest of the people, or used to bolster their forces. He is left with a small group of survivors gathered with him hiding. They were Rachel, a family (a mother, a father and a kid), a businessman clad in a suit that made it hard to belief that he'd survived and a young teen, around 18 years old.

The outside was almost desolated, it had fallen silent outside and staying quiet was a hard task considering the ears of their pursuers. Ty took a peek out through a small gap through the door. He stood guard briefly while the others tried to unlock the backdoor exit.

Ty moved aside to let the youngest member of their group, a young man that looked to be around 18 years old, to take post. An almost 40 year old man, a bit robust was trying to lock pick the door along with Rachel. A woman, as old as the other person, was calming the child that was, judging by the looks, the son of the two, while a guy in a business suit, probably travelling to close a business, approached Tyler "I can't believe all this" he whispered.

"I know" he replied "but there'll be plenty of time to contemplate later, right now I think it'll be better to get as far as possible from this place"

"But how and where, they have airships all up in the sky fighting the air force" The man' voice was beginning to lose himself into despair.

"The air force is out there and hopefully the U.S. marines will be arriving shortly. If we manage to get out we'll be fine…" Tyler muttered as a *click* was heard from the backdoor and Rachel gestured at the other's to come as the father scouted ahead for a second, only to return to give them the thumbs up.

"Ok, it's clear, lets go" he whispered gesturing at the family and guy in suit to go out. Ty was ready to call the teen when there was an explosion causing the metal furnaces and tables to shake. The seer was thrown back as the doors were blasted into pieces. The Vixens had found them.

"Run!" Rachel yelled from behind Tyler. The young man left behind made a sprint, thinking he could still make it. Unfortunately, the leader took a shot with her assault rifle piercing through the man's chest. It was a sight Ty wished to never see again. The teen fell to his knees, just a couple of meters away from the door. He was gasping for air as the shot seemed to have pierced his lung, trying to reach for the exit. By the time he touched the ground the vixens were already speeding after them.

Tyler, looking at the situation, took the only rational decision. He closed the door to the half dead comrade. He cursed never having gotten to know his name and leaving him behind like that. The moment he closed the door, the father and business man were bringing some furniture to block the door.

"That'll hold them… for now" panted the father as he backed away from the door as the pursuers knocked it. "We better bolt" he said as he started running towards the boarding areas thinking they could access the outside through there.

As they ran Tyler looked at the rest of the group. "I'm sorry for him…"

"There was nothing to be done, it was the correct choice…" added the man in the business suit, making an effort to run in his formal shoes.

"Yeah but still… I can't shake the feeling of guilt"

"We all have it… the important is that we're still alive thanks to him" Pointed out the mother carrying her son as she tried to keep up with the rest

"I would have wished to know his name, at least" Tyler added as an explosion was from the doorway they had escaped from. They were still being hunted, but now had a decent head start. Everyone heard that and sped up lightly as the father of the family turned towards him.

"You can call me Theo, this is my wife, Yanine, and our son, Ben" Theo gestured towards his other half.

"I'm Arthur" the man in the suit added.

"My name is Tyler and this is my friend Rachel"


After some minutes of keeping up the pace, they manage to come into sight with the dead end of the boarding area. A flat wall indicating they were almost in the end of the building stood in his way. They knew they were close to getting out, just needed to get out of the building somehow. Behind them they could see the vixens charging after them, shooting and failing due to the distance advantage.

"Almost there!" Tyler pointed at a door near the wall "Look! That's our exit!" He said while glancing at the rest of the team. Theo was carrying Ben now, who was now clutching his father's shirt as he saw the lasers soar around them. His wife, already having ditched the heels after the last escape was catching up. The only one at risk was Arthur, who was falling behind, having already agreed to ditch his briefcase when they left the main entrance he now refused to leave behind his expensive shoes.

"Hurry up, Arthur!" Rachel yelled as they arrived the door, Tyler was starting to work on it as Theo arrived to help. Yanine was dragging some tables and seats to use as cover with Rachel's help.

"I'm almost there!" Arthur panted running lightly after them, the shoes weren't simply made for running, and especially after tripping a couple of time when doubling in corners.

"Almost there… almost…" whispered Theo, now taking over the lock picking job as Tyler moved out of the makeshift cover to help… only to see 4 vixens sprinting against them, one of those was the leader and 2 were former humans, judging by the clothes one was a guy before. There was still quite a distance, would take them a minute or two to reach them.

Tyler stopped as he saw the leader take aim with the gun she used to change people "shit" he muttered as he saw her take a firm stance and hold it with both hands. He was about to warn Arthur but it was too late, there was a shot that travelled at high speed, yet everything seemed to go in slow motion for Ty. A ball of green energy flew through the air, Arthur didn't had time to duck as the beam hit his right shoulder causing him to groan in pain as the glowing energy of the 'bullet' seemed to course through him. To his horror, he could see fur growing on his body, black on the arms and white on the chest.

He fell to his knees groaning as his vocal chords started to change as his voice started to rise "Oh no…" muttered Ty, seeing his hair was growing from the formal short now falling down his back as his head changed, his nose collapsing and turning black as his faced pushed out into a muzzle, his ears moved up his head and started twitching nervously. A loud rip came from behind as a busy orange tail with a white tip on it appeared behind him. His figure could be seen changing, becoming less scrawny and, curvier as his hips started to grow tight against his pants as his… her waist was now shrinking noticeable as the shirt grew looser around him. She arched her back lightly to hold her head giving the escapees a look at his chests as two mounds grew in.

Tyler shook his head, he was gone, soon she would probably go after them and try to capture them, Noticing the vixens were closer and shooting with better precision he returned to the door after barely dodging a shot. "It's open!" Announced Theo as they group barged into the other area.

Ty gave the vixens a quick glance as he closed the door, just in time to get the lock on it.


Ty panted, they had travelled quite a distance, after losing Arthur they had to take down several stairs and jump into several rooms, hoping that their pursuers would get lost in the maze. Right now they were in the luggage handling area, where the luggage was transported into the plane. It was a wide area and the view was obstructed by several conveyor belts.

"So far so good, I don't hear those… aliens" Theo muttered closing the door and throwing several bags and packs to block the entrance they came through "We'll head over to the area that exits to the nearest exit, which is by the staff entrance, I guess it must be around the left area." he commented once after checking that the door was fully obstructed.

Tyler pondered for a moment "I think we should split up…" He proposed causing everyone, even little Ben to look at him.

"Ty, are you sure that is the safest bet?" Asked Rachel, a bit worried, even more than after having ran for their lives through the airport. "We've survived all this together…"

"I know that but we're the ones running and the fact that we split in 2 teams will give us a better change, if we split now we can have them divide or follow one of us…"

"But where will you go?" wondered Yanine.

"You are heading to the front exit of the place, we'll be heading to the back door, into the airplane field, and we'll stick close to the building to avoid being noticed by the ships and make our way to the fence that leads to the road…"

After a heated conversation, shortened by the knowledge they were being pursued. In the end they agreed in splitting in two groups, one was the family, the other were Rachel and Tyler. Starting to bid farewell to each other, the prepared to depart, knowing they didn't have as much time as they thought.

"See you on the other side, kiddo" said Theo shaking hands with Tyler.

"Good luck, and thanks" said Yanine as little Ben waved at them.

And with that we parted separate ways, hoping we both could make it.


The outside of the airport was now covered in the wreckages of destroyed commercial airplanes as well as the remains of jets shot down from the skirmish taking place up In the sky. The building somehow managed to remain intact despite all.

In the area by the farthest part of the terminal and close to the fence, was the loading dock for luggage. "Here we are…" announced Tyler in a whisper as he led Rachel out of the building through a door for the staff.

"Ok, at least we're out in the open… " she muttered looking up into the sky, only to see several odd looking ships fighting the air force, casting shadows over the sky as they weaved to avoid getting shot down in the dog fights above "…You can actually believe this is happening? I mean, do we even stand a chance? After what they did to Arthur…"

Tyler held her close before she could say something else "d-don't get scared…" he said feeling her grow calmer as she felt his embrace. As soon as he felt her breathing steady up and become more regular he looked at her "we'll make it… look, we're just a couple of kilometers away…  If we make it…"

"…I love you" she muttered shyly.

"What?" Tyler gasped surprised "what did you say?" for a second having forgotten what they were running from.

"That I love you… in case we don't make it… I just want you to know that" She whispered reaching over to kiss him. Tyler was surprised but accepted making it a meaningful yet short kiss. This was a dream come true… in the middle of a nightmare.

"I love you too." Was his answer as he pulled away the kiss "and we'll make it… I promise… now let's go, let's make a last effort" says holding her hand and sprinting with her, running by the wall hoping to avoid being noticed.
Making the runs of their lives now making their way to their target and cutting distance as fast as possible. The two were even encouraged as they caught a glimpse of a small hole in the fence, that was their exit. Suddenly there was an explosion behind the door they just came through got burst open as the squad of vixens pulled out, lead by the leader vixen, and judging by the numbers he guessed the  family was safe since he counted a high number of them, meaning they weren't taking any new vixens back with the others… at least they hoped. Tyler and Rachel kept running, speeding up as they saw the battalion right behind them. The two were already panting from the long marathon but kept pushing on as they were less then a kilometer from the hole.
The two made it to the fence and tried to go under it but, to their dismay, the hole was too small. They were forced to dig their way out as fast as they could, occasionally taking quick glances at their pursuers. Ty managed to convince Rachel to go under the fence first, she made it fast to the other side, "Come on!" she yelled looking at the vixens behind him as she waited for him to make the crossing. The vixens took shots while running, failing badly as the human managed to slip under the fence.
"We're almost there" Ty muttered panting, completely exhausted as he moved over to the road and tried to follow it. The vixens, the leader especially, crawled under the fence, even faster than the humans.

"You hear that? It's a truck!" Rachel yelled, excited as they seemed to be saved as a military APC was seen coming from afar. If they reached shooting range, the two would be saved by them. Thinking this was the last effort, the two made a final sprint just as the vixens went after them.

"We're almost there…" panted Rachel, completely focused in their goal. Tyler took a quick glance behind him and his eyes widened at what he saw. The leader was now taking a firing stance, with the special gun. He gasped noticing she was aiming at his friend. In slow motion he saw the weapon charge up with a light before it released the energy ball.

"Rachel!" He yelled jumping in between and receiving full impact of the beam and getting knocked on the road. He felt his world around him collapse as a tingle was felt expanding all over his body. Lying on his side he caught a glimpse of his hand as, to his horror, hair started growing in. Black fur. It was spreading and becoming thicker as it covered his hand. He knew this was coming yet he was having a hard time believing this was happening. He saw his fingernails thickening and changing form as they became claws and noticed how his palms were growing calluses.  "Shit…" He muttered with a cracking voice as his arms and hands started to thin becoming thinner and distinctively feminine, while keeping his strength.

Using his arm to sit himself upright he could feel something twitch on his head as his nose now sported a black smudge and it was now more prominent. His clothes were now looser on some parts as the chest area seemed to grow in the front. He saw it coming now, looking down he sensed two breasts growing in, stretching his shirt as his hips pushed outwards, and pushing the limits of his pants. He let out a groan as his face finished pushing out into a muzzle as he felt what he guessed was his hair. He felt light headed for a second as his brain rewired himself to work with his new set of nose, ears and eyes.

A loud rip and a sharp pain averted Ty that his pants were ripped in the process. Instinctively glancing back he could see a fox tail rapidly growing, and getting fluffier by the second. And immediately after he could feel a sharp pain in his crotch as he could feel his manhood shrinks and contort, changing into womanhood. He… She grabbed her head fearing the mental changes. The moment she felt a head splitting pain…


"*Gasp*" A vixen woke up throwing the bed sheets, scared and panting, sweating in fright as she looked around. The place was fairly familiar, fairly disorganized. The shirt and pants from work were curled and mashed into a ball and thrown over the nearest chair. The laptop was sitting on the desk, closed, like it always was after work.  Aside from her deep breaths as she tried to calm herself, the place was silent.

"It was… it was just a dr…" she trailed off as she heard her own voice. Slowly she reached down to tug her shirt's neck only to see her rack causing her to start to hyperventilate again.

There was a long scream coming from her room "What the hell happened!?"

Well, i failed to meet the deadline. But i managed to post it and get this story out of my system. May i present what could be the begining of a new series (depending on the feedback) presenting a sneak peek in universes, this time is :iconsquato:'s Red Vix universe.

His setting is about the invasion of outerspace vixens, and as odd as it may seem, he has everything sort of planned, with a good background i'm sorry i can't tell here. So far the story is in development at the moment, but here's some artwork he commisioned ([link])

As always any comments are welcomed, be it good or bad (i'll try to handle this)
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